Heynckes: Bayern Shown Smartly Against Leipzig

Heynckes: Bayern Shown Smartly Against Leipzig

Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes admitted that his team has performed smartly in the game against RB Leipzig.

In the game, Leipzig must play with 10 players, since the 14th minute, after Wili Orban get a red card from the referee. They managed to score goals by the actions of James Rodriguez and Robert Lewandowski, with Heynckes feeling that his team had made the ideal preparation.

“After the competition on Wednesday, we are back committed and motivated. Our preparations for this match are ideal, “the German told reporters.

“If you perform with 10 players, since the 14th minute, as happened to Leipzig today, then you will definitely be harmed. But my team managed to control the game, and they played smartly. ”

“We could have scored one more goal. But performing discipline in our opinion is much more important, we do not take risks, and I like to see it. “

Face Persib Bandung, Mitra Kukar Without Sissoko

Face Persib Bandung, Mitra Kukar Without Sissoko

After losing Bayu Pradana, Oh In-kyun, and Jorge Gotor when defeated Borneo FC on Monday (23/10/2017) then, Mitra Kukar certainly will not perform with the best squad back when facing host Persib Bandung at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Friday (27/10/2017).

Certainty was obtained after Mohammed Sissoko is labeled as a marquee player get a red card in the game counter Borneo FC.

Thus, the desire of many people to see the “duel” Sissoko with Michael Essien in midfield each team void materialized.

“It’s unfortunate because Sissoko yesterday got a red card fit against Borneo, so surely he can not play against Persib,” said coach Mitra Kukar, Yudi Suryata, when contacted Kompas.com, Wednesday (25/10/2017).

“Only Sissoko will be absent, the rest can be played, including Bayu Pradana, Oh In-kyun, and Jorge Gotor, who yesterday did not play against Borneo,” he said.

Although will no longer be able to display the composition of his best players, Yudi admitted not too worried. Because, only Sissoko is certainly absent, in contrast to when entertaining Borneo FC who must lose three pillars players.

“Stay optimistic (will be able to offset Persib), yesterday that absent three players (against Borneo FC), but if tomorrow it’s just Sissoko,” said Yudi.

Persib who will face Mitra Kukar itself so far still show a less positive trend, including the last time losing from host Persela Lamongan with a thin score 0-1 on Sunday (22/10/2017) then.

“I’m sorry, I do not want to comment on the opposing candidates, only the anticipated possibility is the possibility of revival Persib in the game later, and that I have to say to the players,” he said.

Yudi claimed to have pocketed the advantages and disadvantages of Persib when they see their appearance when broadcast live. From these observations, Yudi optimistic Mitra Kukar squad will be able to offset the game Persib.

Wenger: Ozil Has Returned

Wenger: Ozil Has Returned

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that the performance shown by Mesut Ozil in the game against Everton, is proof that the player has returned to his best performance Lenterabola.com.

The Arsenal midfielder performed brilliantly in the game, and contributed greatly to the success of the Gunners winning 5-2 from The Toffees.

“I can say, if he has returned to his best performance,” said the coach when asked for comments on the performance of Ozil.

“I told him, if Ozil at the game of the times, it really is very different. If you are not in your best physical condition, no matter how good you are, you will still be hindered. ”

“All the players perform well, so it’s hard for me to praise the performance of one individual. It’s important for us to win our first away win. “

Hummels: Teams Role in Ancelotti Dismissal

Hummels: Teams Role in Ancelotti Dismissal

Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels admitted that his team was responsible for the dismissal of coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian coach was fired after the Bavarians lost 3-0 by PSG, in the Champions League continued action. They also underwent an unsatisfactory start in the Bundesliga, and Hummels openly admitted that Ancelotti’s dismissal was also the fault of the Bayern players.

“We clearly contributed to the dismissal that happened to Ancelotti, exactly 15 months after he was in charge of coaching our team,” said the German man told reporters.

“We rarely display convincing performance. In some games, we failed to achieve the highest level consistently. It makes our team feel annoyed. “

Guardiola Denies Has Lowered Tottenham Hotspur

Guardiola Denies Has Lowered Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has denied respect for Tottenham Hotspur. Earlier, Spurs manager Maurico Pochettino criticized Guardiola’s statement about the title “Tim Harry Kane”.

Guardiola was then asked who Manchester City’s main rivals for the English Premier League title this season. However, the Spanish coach’s answer was judged to underestimate the Tottenham players by calling Chelsea, Manchester United and “Tim Harry Kane.”

“Maybe my memory is not that good, but I never disrespect my colleagues, I never disrespect in a press conference, never,” explained Guardiola on the ESPN page.

“When I said ‘Tim Harry Kane’, it was simply because Harry Kane created a lot of goals, and I know Tottenham is not Harry Kane, I think last season, the person who most often talked about appreciating Tottenham’s way was me. this Barcelona architect.

Pochettino called the statement “Tim Harry Kane” from Guardiola as having no respect. Instead Guardiola stated never to disrespect other teams, including The Lilywhites.

“I said Tottenham was one of the best teams so I was very disappointed if he came to say that I do not know what he said but I never disrespect my colleagues,” he said.

“I am very respectful of what Tottenham has done in the last two or three years, there is a lot of credit given to the way they play, in the way they always attack,” Guardiola said.

Rio Ferdinand Ragu Marcus Rashford Could Be World’s Best Player, If …

Rio Ferdinand Ragu Marcus Rashford Could Be World’s Best Player, If …

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand still sees Marcus Rashford on the right track to emerge as one of the world’s best players Bosbola99.com. However, according to Ferdinand, Rashford still lose steps when compared with some of the top players his age. And if the young English striker is not able to pursue the level of the rivals then will never be able to claim as the best.

The 19-year-old has scored five goals in all competitions this season, which makes him more comfortable in the position of Manchester United starter. Rashford himself is predicted to be a mainstay of Jose Mourinho in the game counter Liverpool weekend.

“He (Rashford) is a great talent and he’s doing well,” Ferdinand told The Mirror.

“She looks grown up. He’s getting better, he’s hungry and he’s got a chance this season. ”

“He is someone who can be a great talent for United and England, and he is in the right place to do that.”

“He gets the support of the manager, the fans support and the trust of the players, and the more I see him, the more he brings something new to his game and adds it.”

Prove yourself in the Champions League

Rashford’s appearance has indeed made him included in the list of Golden Boy Award winning nominations. However, Ferdinand believes Rashford still have to continue to pursue other levels of age players such as Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele.

“You’ve got Dembele who has gone to Barcelona and Mbappe who have gone to PSG. Would you say that Rashford is the same as them? “Ferdinand asked.

“I think Rashford have the same qualities as those players, but they did it in the Champions League, while he has not proven it yet.”

“He must continue to prove himself, and there are many obstacles that you have to solve. This young player, we are too quick to say, ‘He can be this or that.’ ”

Ferdinand further states that Rashford could be one of the best players in the world if he keeps trying and developing himself. (Source: Four Four Two)

Bring 18 Players, Persija Incar One Points in Palembang

Bring 18 Players, Persija Incar One Points in Palembang

Persija Jakarta brought 18 players on a trip to Palembang. The head coach of Persija, Stefano “Teco” Cugurra had a realistic goal of stealing one point against Sriwijaya FC in League 1 continued at Bumi Sriwijaya Stadium on Saturday (7/10/2017).

“I think one point against Sriwijaya,” he told Kompas.com after his team arrived in Palembang on Thursday (5/10) at 20:30 pm.

He argues, Sriwijaya FC has a good player material despite ever swallowing successive defeats in home and away games.

“They have good players, there’s Hilton, Beto, Yuu Hyun-koo, but we have more passion for winning against PS TNI,” he said.

Moreover, Tiger Kemayoran-nicknamed Persija-lost three foreign players, Wilian Pacheco (card accumulation), Rohit Chand (strengthen the Nepali national team) and Reinaldo Elias (injured).

“Yes they are not playing but there is Bruno Lopes up front, there are also senior players like Bambang Pamungkas and Ismet Sofyan,” he said.

Persija is currently perched on sixth place standings. While Sriwijaya FC is still ranked 13th.

League Schedule 1 This Weekend

League Schedule 1 This Weekend

This week, League 1 will enter the 28th week. A number of exciting League 1 matches involve big teams in the country.

Persija Jakarta melakoni away games. Tim nicknamed Macan Kemayoran – a Persija title – it will challenge Sriwijaya FC at Gelora Stadium Sriwijaya, Palembang, Saturday (7/10/2017).

Game is not less exciting also presented at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Sunday (8/10/2017). Bali United will face Arema FC.

According to Soccerway, both teams are already 12 times confronted. Arema recorded nine wins, one draw, and twice defeat.

Persipura Jayapura, who holds the status of Indonesia Soccer Championship champion last year, need to rise when entertaining Persela Lamongan. Previously, Persipura lost 0-1 from his guest, Madura United at the weekend.

Here is the schedule of League 1 2017 to the 28th week.

League Schedule 1 This Week

Here is the schedule of League 1 2017 to the 28th week.

Friday 06/10/2017

Persipura vs Persela 13.30 WIB

Semen Padang vs Madura United 18.30 WIB

Saturday 7/10/2017

Gresik United vs Mitra Kukar 15.00 WIB

Sriwijaya FC vs Persija 18.30 WIB

PS TNI vs Perseru Serui 18.30 WIB

Sunday 8/10/2017

Bhayangkara vs Persiba Balikpapan 15.00 WIB

Borneo FC vs PSM 15.00 WIB

Bali United vs Arema FC 18.30 WIB

Monday 09/10/2017

Persib vs Barito Putera 15.00 WIB