Bring 18 Players, Persija Incar One Points in Palembang

Bring 18 Players, Persija Incar One Points in Palembang

Persija Jakarta brought 18 players on a trip to Palembang. The head coach of Persija, Stefano “Teco” Cugurra had a realistic goal of stealing one point against Sriwijaya FC in League 1 continued at Bumi Sriwijaya Stadium on Saturday (7/10/2017).

“I think one point against Sriwijaya,” he told after his team arrived in Palembang on Thursday (5/10) at 20:30 pm.

He argues, Sriwijaya FC has a good player material despite ever swallowing successive defeats in home and away games.

“They have good players, there’s Hilton, Beto, Yuu Hyun-koo, but we have more passion for winning against PS TNI,” he said.

Moreover, Tiger Kemayoran-nicknamed Persija-lost three foreign players, Wilian Pacheco (card accumulation), Rohit Chand (strengthen the Nepali national team) and Reinaldo Elias (injured).

“Yes they are not playing but there is Bruno Lopes up front, there are also senior players like Bambang Pamungkas and Ismet Sofyan,” he said.

Persija is currently perched on sixth place standings. While Sriwijaya FC is still ranked 13th.

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