Guardiola Denies Has Lowered Tottenham Hotspur

Guardiola Denies Has Lowered Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has denied respect for Tottenham Hotspur. Earlier, Spurs manager Maurico Pochettino criticized Guardiola’s statement about the title “Tim Harry Kane”.

Guardiola was then asked who Manchester City’s main rivals for the English Premier League title this season. However, the Spanish coach’s answer was judged to underestimate the Tottenham players by calling Chelsea, Manchester United and “Tim Harry Kane.”

“Maybe my memory is not that good, but I never disrespect my colleagues, I never disrespect in a press conference, never,” explained Guardiola on the ESPN page.

“When I said ‘Tim Harry Kane’, it was simply because Harry Kane created a lot of goals, and I know Tottenham is not Harry Kane, I think last season, the person who most often talked about appreciating Tottenham’s way was me. this Barcelona architect.

Pochettino called the statement “Tim Harry Kane” from Guardiola as having no respect. Instead Guardiola stated never to disrespect other teams, including The Lilywhites.

“I said Tottenham was one of the best teams so I was very disappointed if he came to say that I do not know what he said but I never disrespect my colleagues,” he said.

“I am very respectful of what Tottenham has done in the last two or three years, there is a lot of credit given to the way they play, in the way they always attack,” Guardiola said.

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