Rio Ferdinand Ragu Marcus Rashford Could Be World’s Best Player, If …

Rio Ferdinand Ragu Marcus Rashford Could Be World’s Best Player, If …

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand still sees Marcus Rashford on the right track to emerge as one of the world’s best players However, according to Ferdinand, Rashford still lose steps when compared with some of the top players his age. And if the young English striker is not able to pursue the level of the rivals then will never be able to claim as the best.

The 19-year-old has scored five goals in all competitions this season, which makes him more comfortable in the position of Manchester United starter. Rashford himself is predicted to be a mainstay of Jose Mourinho in the game counter Liverpool weekend.

“He (Rashford) is a great talent and he’s doing well,” Ferdinand told The Mirror.

“She looks grown up. He’s getting better, he’s hungry and he’s got a chance this season. ”

“He is someone who can be a great talent for United and England, and he is in the right place to do that.”

“He gets the support of the manager, the fans support and the trust of the players, and the more I see him, the more he brings something new to his game and adds it.”

Prove yourself in the Champions League

Rashford’s appearance has indeed made him included in the list of Golden Boy Award winning nominations. However, Ferdinand believes Rashford still have to continue to pursue other levels of age players such as Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele.

“You’ve got Dembele who has gone to Barcelona and Mbappe who have gone to PSG. Would you say that Rashford is the same as them? “Ferdinand asked.

“I think Rashford have the same qualities as those players, but they did it in the Champions League, while he has not proven it yet.”

“He must continue to prove himself, and there are many obstacles that you have to solve. This young player, we are too quick to say, ‘He can be this or that.’ ”

Ferdinand further states that Rashford could be one of the best players in the world if he keeps trying and developing himself. (Source: Four Four Two)

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